Belgium meets the Cape

Tuur Florizoone

Music lovers from Stellenbosch and surrounds can look forward to a special concert at Hempies du Toit’s Annandale Wine Estate tonight, Wednesday August 15.

Join them in the cosy cellar to experience the immaculate talent of Belgian pianist and accordion player, Tuur Florizoone, when he performs alongside local talents Steve Newman, Luna Paige and Ramon Alexander.

Expect a fusion of cool jazz, Kaapse, Afrikaans folk,
African Blues and world music sounds, and accompanying these musicians will be Annemie Nel on drums and Sean Sanby on double bass. One of Belgium’s most beloved musicians, Tuur is a composer and improviser with imagination and taste.

This has everything to do with his broad knowledge and interests, his charisma and tangible joy in performing and composing, and his gift for touching the heart of the music as well as that of the listeners.

From classical training, practical experience in Brazil, collaborations with jazz heavyweights, pop, folk and world artists; Tuur is an improvisor – at best in situations where he is free to improvise and interact with fellow artists.

Tonight he gets to play with South African artists who all have their own unique local flavour.

Steve Newman is a member of numerous bands such as Tananas, All in One, In the Clouds, Aquarian Quartet, Jika Nelanga, Mondeta, The Road Warriors, the Steve Newman Trio and is also a touring soloist.

Tananas played at concerts and festivals in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Spain, the Canary Islands, UK, US, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. Steve and Tony Cox (The Road Warriors) performed together in the UK, Norway, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana.

Steve has also performed in his own capacity in countries such as India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Seychelles.

He is an old hand with a perpetually fresh sound, known for his rhythmic, melodic yet percussive compositions and his tranquil and mesmerising presence on stage.

Luna Paige is a singer-songwriter who has been writing, composing and performing her own music since 1999.

She writes in English and Afrikaans and finds her musical influences in a wide variety of genres such as folk, rock, country, blues, jazz and world music.

Luna is known for her beautiful lyrics and strong voice and has managed to find a way to stylishly interpret and put music to Afrikaans short stories, novels and poems and create a new type of Afrikaans folk music by doing so.

She is owner of Iluminar Productions and producer of numerous heart-warming music theatre productions such as Korreltjie Kantel, Die Ander Konsert and Her Blues.

Luna’s music has taken her to Namibia, Mozambique and the Netherlands many times.

Ramon Alexander is a pianist and composer who finds his inspiration from legendary Cape Jazz composers, musicians and pianists.

He developed his own unique style of music which has strong Cape Jazz routes.

His songs have stories behind them and it is his aim to educate the youth and broader public about the origins and roots of Kaapse music and its colourful people.

Ramon will be accompanying Tuur on a selection of songs and will also introduce Tuur to some Cape Jazz flavours and sounds.

Tickets cost R150 and are available at Webtickets. The doors open at 6.30pm, and the show starts at 7.30pm.

There will be a cash wine and snack bar. Parking is outside gate in driveway, and no late arrivals are allowed for the show.

For more information on this and other Iluminar Productions, call Luna at 082 859 2420.