Art fair

Chantal Enever, from Somerset West, combined her love for art and her love for children and started a home-based art studio for those children who have not yet discovered their talents and potential for excellence. Wanting to showcase the high standard of the children’s art pieces, she entered her aspiring artists into an art competition in London, where they placed second and third. Bolander chatted to her at the opening of the Bright Street Gallery Graphic and Digital Art exhibition last Friday, where the children’s art was also on display. She said: “Their successes have contributed to improving self-confidence, also in their unique abilities, and they have discovered the rewards of perseverance and commitment, and a sense of accomplishment.” Her vision is to include other local primary and high schools to encourage pupils to explore their creativity and talents. Contact her 076 315 7364. Pictured clockwise, from left, are Cara Logan Kruger, Mia van Zyl, Shané Wilken, Jade Jardim Da Silva, Michaela Enever, Jamie Kersting, and Reece Mitchell, and pictured on page one, top left, is Abby Jacobs.