Appropriate education

Lawrence Dreyer, Somerset West

I found it interesting, and rather amusing, to see, in the first edition this year, one whole page devoted to pictures of the top matriculants, listing details of the number of distinctions, their “commendable achievement awards” and, of course, very prominently, the name of their school.

This, plus the advert on the front page claiming “extraordinary education”, leaves me with the impression of all these schools vying for “top spot” in Somerset West.

I found this particularly interesting having just watched a talk on education by Ricardo Semler, founder of the Lumiar School, in which he postulates that the current education system, world-wide, is antiquated, outmoded and totally useless for today’s world.

For those interested in a very different approach to appropriate education, the link to his talk is

He has also given a presentation on TED in which he expounds his unique principles of running any business enterprise.