Animal cruelty is a crime

Barbara Robertson,

Regarding Clare Bezuidenhout’s letter about Vida (Bolander, June 26), may I say what a wonderful person she is to have rescued this poor creature, who now has a happy life in a foster home.

I have a very good friend who also rescues dogs and other animals from Wallacedene,
who have been in the same condition as

Recently she managed to rescue a dog who was left for dead, and took the poor creature to the vet who is now assessing her condition, and hoping to find a good home for her.

Surely something can be done by the SPCAs and various animal welfare organisations.

After all, animal cruelty is a crime.

I know that dogs, cats, etc are neutered by animal organisations in the underprivileged areas, and I thank them for this.

Well done, Clare.