All that Jazz

Pat Baldwin,
Somerset West

I have just finished reading (while crying my eyes out) Carolyn Frost’s article all about Jazz (“The love of Jazz”, Bolander October 2).

I am recovering from a bad bout of bronchitis, and at the moment am very teary, but even so, I thought it was a most beautiful article and what a wonderful dog Jazz is.

She could teach a lot of humans to accept what they have and make the best of things.

Lindy, you are wonderful the way you have taken her in and loved her and cherished her, and that obviously has gone a long way in her accepting her lot in life.

Years ago my neighbour had a blind Maltese, and once you had shown her something new, i.e. a house, she knew exactly where to go what to do, and also followed her mate around.

He made sure she ate all her food and drank her water.

I have had a lot of animals with problems, but never blindness, but if it did happen I would not act any way different with them, just give them more love.

Jazz, you are truly an inspiration to all dogs and humans and may you go running around Radloff Park for many more years to come.