All hands on deck

Teva Veterinary Clinic joined hands with HART for Mandela Day at Lourensia Park on Saturday July 16, to provide primary healthcare to animals in the community. As a result of its 2015 vaccination drive and HART’s continued presence and education, there has been a massive reduction in illness and deaths from preventable diseases such as distemper and parvo virus in this community. Through the generous sponsorship of suppliers, clients, volunteers and supporters, it was able to vaccinate the 99 pets who required boosters or first time vaccination as well as deworm and provide tick and flea control to more than 120 pets. Food, collars, blankets and kennels were also distributed among the residents. Teva and HART would like to thank every company and individual who made this day possible.

Pictured is Dr Karin Wilson from Teva vet clinic.