Adieu, Alain

At the back, from left, are Odette Stemmet and Michelle (Mimi) Liebenberg, and in front, right, is Michelle Sharwood, with Cole Liebenberg on her lap, and Miekah Liebenberg, seated on the left. And shaggy bear Shila stands in front, getting some pats from Cole.

A familiar face at Radloff Park for many years, Alain Locmant, was commemorated by the placing of a plaque on a bench at the park last Saturday. Michelle Sharwood Locmant, his sister, said: “Alain was an amazing guy with a massive heart, an encyclopedia for a brain, and always had time for animals and the homeless. 

Also,he was one of my best friends; we could talk about stacks of things, and I am going to miss him for the rest of my life.” Odette Stemmet, a longstanding friend, said: “On Saturday July 18, we had the honour of saying our final goodbye to my dear friend of 34 years, Alain. His family put up a bench in honour of him, and of course his beloved dog Shila, whom everybody in the park knew. Alain and Shila invite you to sit on his bench, just to rest and be at peace. May the bench always remind everybody of dear Alain and Shila, who always talked to everybody, such a kindhearted gentleman, and Shila, his teddybear girl. Enjoy your forever, painless rest, my friend.” Michelle Liebenberg, his niece, said: “You are an incredible force in my life. You were like a father to me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you, my heart is so broken. Your life made a difference, had phenomenal meaning and you will always be remembered. Alain Locmant a legend, forever in my heart.”