AA goes the extra mile

Norman Clausen, Somerset West

We live in Helderberg Manor, a retirement complex in Heritage Park, Somerset West.

On Easter Saturday I had the misfortune of getting a puncture in one of the wheels of my motorised wheelchair.

As I cannot get around outside without it, after several phone calls to local garages to find one that would repair it, I was told that they all had skeleton staff and none of them could help.

I had the vision of cabin fever for the long weekend, so I phoned the AA to ask if they knew of a garage that could help.

On giving them my membership number, they said they would phone back. This they did and to my great pleasure said that one of their service agents would come and repair the wheel for me at no cost to me.

They did not have the correct patches for my small wheel, so they took it away and repaired it and brought it back mended and inflated.

As we live in a security complex whoever comes to see us must first go past security who phone us to get permission to let them in.

I got a phonecall from the security and an incredulous voice asked me if I was expecting a large breakdown truck bringing a wheel for a wheelchair?

I wish I were a cartoonist as I can just picture what was going through the security man’s head.

All praise to the
AA for going the
exra mile so willingly and making my weekend.