A wheeliegood experience

Martin Wigand,
Somerset West

Last Wednesday I had put my wheelie bin out for collection as usual, but when I wanted to bring it in again a few hours later, it had disappeared.

Had a neighbour taken it by mistake?

It took me a day to accept that it had been stolen, and to find out what I needed to do.

So, I went to the police in Somerset
West to report the

I had only to wait
for a few minutes before I received friendly and professional help with filling in various forms. The same evening I received an SMS with my case number.

I was even more surprised when I received an email from the municipality the next morning, reminding me to fill in a request for a new wheelie bin.

And, absolutely unbelievable, on Tuesday morning a brand new bin was standing at my gate.

A free service after only two working days – Friday and Monday.

If this kind of service would become the norm and not the exception, then we are looking forward to a bright future, indeed.

A big thank you to the police and to the people at the municipality – you are doing a great job.