A special thank you

Rudy Hughes, Somerset West

Last week I dropped my wallet containing my ID, driving license, bank cards and various other cards, all of which are a huge huge task and cost to replace.

I think that I dropped my wallet in the Benbel back parking area while loading my car.

Needing my credit card on Sunday, I discovered that my wallet was missing.

A sleepless night was spent until Monday morning when I went to Benbel and asked the cash desk lady if I had left my wallet there or if anybody there had possibly found it.

She immediately contacted her management. She then asked me my name and then asked me to wait as somebody was on their way to come and see me. For the first time a small wave of hope filled me.

Here I must apologise. My memory for names is far from the best, especially when under stress.

A gentleman, I think the manager, arrived and explained that a customer of theirs, Deon Brown and his mom had seen two people examining a wallet they had just picked up. Deon’s mom had approached them and asked them to hand her the wallet. They had found some money in the wallet which she said they could keep.

They handed the wallet to her. Deon, her son, found my Benbel pensioners card in the wallet so contacted the Benbel manager who in turn tried to contact me a number of times unsuccessfully.

He then contacted my bank and reported that Deon and his mom had found the wallet as he felt that I would contact the bank to put a stop on my cards; which in fact would have been my next stop.

He then gave me a note with Deon’s phone number and name. He then, on his cell, phoned Deon for me. I was able to make an arrangement to meet Deon after work to collect my wallet from him and his mom that evening.

Somerset West has some truly wonderful citizens. Thank you Deon, your mom and the management and staff of Benbel.