A letter of thanks

Annemarie Meyer,Somerset West

Through the medium of Bolander, I would like to thank our many friends here in the Helderberg basin who assisted Louie van Rooyen and myself with their generous contributions in cash, and the contents of the feel good bags for our Christmas project for the 130 grannies of Macassar.

Louie put in many hours to assemble the contributions of clothing, creams, soaps, face cloths, cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, scarves, handbags and much more.

Our neighbours assisted in packing the bags. The party was held on Tuesday December 8, in Macassar at the soup kitchen, and the highlight of the event was the bags with the wonderful feel- good contents.

The shrieks of delight on finding the unexpected inside the bags were equalled by the beautiful singing.

Louie even managed to assemble bags for 30 grandpas and to buy ice suckers for 180 young children.

Our sincere appreciation to all who felt the need to share their many blessings with those in need.

May you all have a blessed Christmas.