A credit to humanity

B Van Waesberghe, Somerset West

I would like to thank James Motsienyane – the supervisor at the Caltex petrol station in 50 Victoria Street, Somerset West – for his assistance when I had a leaking tyre which was quickly losing pressure as indicated by an alarm on my car’s dashboard.

The incident occurred at 5.15pm on Wednesday September 4; we had to replace the leaking tyre with a thin emergency tyre which carries an 80km speed restriction.

While the actual tyre replacement procedure is a relatively standard affair, the removal of the emergency wheel from underneath the vehicle was far more complicated with springs, nuts and bolts which had to be manipulated in a more complex procedure to release the emergency wheel.

What Mr Motsienyane’s action made more remarkable, is that it was offered immediately in a matter-of-fact manner without me even asking.

We were, furthermore, impressed by his systematic and unhurried approach which he followed to release the spare wheel – and all the time the inclement weather didn’t affect his patient and methodological approach: it was getting dark, and pretty windy and cold and more and more vehicles were arriving to fill up their petrol tanks.

Afterwards I was offered a few generous drops of green washing liquid to wash and clean my hands – but almost all of the work was done by Mr Motsienyane; some of the other petrol attendants tried to assist as well, but had to interrupt their efforts to attend to the many cars arriving in the meantime

Mr Motsienyane, from this community newspaper voice for all to see and take notice, I would like to thank you for your spontaneous and unselfish assistance and support.

You are a credit to humanity.