A common passion… olive oil

Giorgio Mori and Benedetta Lami

Since 1997, olive oil producers in South Africa have reaped the benefits of internationally recognised, innovative and functional olive oil processing equipment.

The association between Mori-Tem, then known as Toscana Ecological Mori (TEM), and the Zichella family, was initiated by Marco Zichella and subsequently moved forward by his daughter, Benedetta Lami Zichella.

Today, as sole agent for Southern Africa, Benedetta (who serves on the South African Tasting Panel, and has also judged in international olive oil competitions ) has been the driving force behind building the business into a leading enterprise, which has supplied more than 120 processing plants to local olive oil producers.

Their family is based in Stellenbosch.

This successful association was commemorated at a celebratory lunch at the Glen Carlou Wine Estate two weeks ago.

Giorgio Mori, owner and chief executive officer of Mori-Tem, and his wife Patrizia, hosted the event.

In addition, on the preceding Saturday, Oliomio owners were treated to a masterclass in the most innovative approach to olive oil processing and technology (at the workshop, the wines were sponsored by Stellenbosch Vineyards).

South African olive oils are increasingly enjoying international recognition, and Mori-Tem and Oliomio are proud of their association with these award-winning producers, says Benedetta.

“I see growth and commitment, I see learning and improving, I see hard work and dedication, I see quality and results but above all I see a common passion, olive oil.”

For more information contact her at 082 559 9190 or benedetta@oliomio.co.za