A cat-freeyard

GA Liebenberg, Gordon’s Bay

Thank you to the readers who’ve responded to my original letter concerning my neighbours’ stray cats, confirming that I am indeed not alone in my present day cat woes.

Oh, I grew up with cats in the house: Independent, big, strong (one returned to his birthplace in the mountain seven times in 12 years, surviving on snails, grass and mountain water to heal itself from tick fever), playful, charismatic, sensuous, territorial, loyal and fearless even of big dogs like Dobermans (there was no need for high fences or walls then).

But, that was in Fish Hoek in the 1960s with two mountains and massive open (wild) spaces and sand dunes for cats and children to roam in.

I also thank Bill Maycock of Somerset West and Hans Poot of Gordon’s Bay for their “boererate” (home remedies) to use mothballs and vinegar.

Sadly, vinegar is not a practical solution as the stray cats access my yard along the full length on all four boundaries.

The neighbour behind and those next door will not appreciate it. Thus, again, more cost and effort from my side only.

With all respect to Bill and Hans, I fear their home remedies will become just another handy excuse for the cat keepers to slope their shoulders even further to avoid responsibility and forcing their choices upon others.

The cat keepers are silent.

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