Twelfth Night

■ Stellenbosch Waldorf School Grade 9s present the full Shakespeare Twelfth Night, from Wednesday November 28 to Saturday December 1, at 7pm, at The Shed, on Santa Road, outside Stellenbosch. As part of its curriculum, the class stages an annual Shakespeare play, where all the pupils are part of the performance. There are two casts which alternate over the six night run, with everyone on the stage every night in a primary role and a secondary role. Twelfth Night is a romping comedy, suitable for the whole family, featuring mistaken identity, girls dressed up as boys, unrequited love, a party-loving uncle and his wealthy, but rather silly friend, a duel or two, some trickery, a shipwreck, a beautiful heiress and a dashing duke, and a servant who believes that there should be no fun in the world. Tickets are available at the door, and are R50 for adults and R25 for children, students and pensioners.