Through the lens

Ronelle van Loggerenberg shared some delightful wildlife photos with Bolander, saying: “I think a lot of us are feeling a bit under the weather with all this wind. But when I think of the rain it brings to the farmers who badly need it, then I don’t mind so much…”
This beautiful frog was spotted resting peacefully in a sunspot on a rock in a pond at the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, along Clarence Drive. PICTURE: RONELLE VAN LOGGERENBERG
The Palaeontology Group was represented by Andreas Groenewald, freelance environmental educator, field and nature guide, standing in front of an impressive collection of ancient rock tools and fossils.
The enthusiastic members of the U3A Hiking Club, from left, Jennifer Fox, Don Reid and Brad Roe (CHECK MIDDLE NAME!).
Wendy van Breda, with the Armchair Travel Group, which meets at members’ homes to present talks and slide shows on wonderful travel excursion, locally and abroad.
Well-known writer Dorian Haarhoff, who was at the U3A Open Day talking to aspiring writers about his many books and courses.
Danie Schoeman shared information about the U3A Money Matters Group, which meets once a month.
Enjoying some of the art on display at the U3A Open Day, is Anne Hawtrey, a new resident of the Helderberg, who accompanied Bolander editor Carolyn Frost to the event, to see some of the many opportunities to get out and meet people, and join interesting clubs and societies.