The New Silk Road talk

Professor Leonard Suransky

U3A Helderberg will host Professor Leonard Suransky on Wednesday August 3, at 10am at the Strand Town Hall – this time “in the flesh” (he gave a virtual presentation on climate change to U3A in February.)

His topic this time will be China’s New Silk Road, or the implications of its Belt and Road initiative.

In Professor Suransky’s words “…the Old Silk Road was [the route used] before Europe could sail to the East, but the New Silk Road is China’s way to build rail, road sea lines to Europe and even Latin America, and definitely to Africa, for trade and commerce.”

After centuries of Western dominance of politics, commerce and economics, it is now the East that is taking centre stage and rising to dominate global politics, commerce and culture.

Professor Suransky will illustrate how there has been a major revision of global politics and international affairs.

On a more personal level, you may come to a better understanding of why so much of what we find in our shops is “Made in China”.

Professor Suransky has extremely wide-ranging life and work experience. Born in South Africa, he was educated in Israel, the UK and the USA. He has specialised in international relations in the academic, corporate and public sectors.

His current research interests include transitions to democracy in Africa, developmental issues, poverty alleviation, identity politics, and conflict and crisis management in the Middle East and southern Africa, and, of course, new developments in the East.

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