The Leaky Pipelin… talk at U3A

Dr Gillian Arendse

The Leaky Pipeline… this is the intriguing topic of the next and final address for 2023 of U3A Helderberg, in the Strand Town Hall on Wednesday November 1, at 10am.

The presenter will be Dr Gillian Arendse, a well- known and loved presenter at many an educational event – at schools, conferences or symposiums.

Gill, as he is affectionately known, is an experimental nuclear physicist by training, a motivator by choice and conviction, and a general all-rounder who tries to use his gifts and talents to impact every person with whom he interacts.

His desire to leave people better than he found them is fuelled by a need to be challenged on a daily basis.

He says: “I am passionate about development and growth; specifically about investing in the next generation. I am because of others.”

With regard to his topic, Gill argues that we live in a rapidly changing world, one that is very different from the one in which we grew up and we are all under pressure to remain “timely”.

However, how do we ensure that we do not lose the “timeless”?

Society often refers to the young as the leaders of tomorrow, but how do we expect them to lead and manage tomorrow, if we do not help to ensure there is a tomorrow?

He sees threats to what is admirable, worthy and generally beneficial and for the good of all as leaks in a pipeline.

His invitation to his audience is to unpack the current realities of this leaking pipeline and to accept, even at our age, our role as mentors in shaping a better tomorrow.

We should become the plugs to stem the leaking.

Original in his thinking, challenging yet accommodating of his fellows, innovative and broadminded, he will raise issues about events and occurrences we may confront every day but he will give a fresh perspective.

Gill grew up in Paarl where both his parents were educators. He studied at the University of Stellenbosch from 1989 – 1996, graduating in with his PhD in experimental nuclear physics in March 1997.

He went on to lecture in the Physics Department and be involved in student support and recruitment.

Since July 2020 he has been employed by the NRF-iThemba LABS as Manager: Communication and Stakeholder Relations.

He is hoping that his presentation will inspire others to join him to co-create a better tomorrow in which he firmly believes we all have a role to play.

Entry for members is free; visitors pay R20 at the door. For more information, contact Denise Fourie at 072 211 1173.