Sunny Hindustani headlines Bollywood show at CTICC

Sunny Hindustani is the winner of season 11 of Indian Idols.

Winner of season 11 of Indian Idols, Sunny Hindustani, will perform on Saturday November 4 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), along with singers Alok Katdare and Gul Saxena, at 8pm.

The show promises a variety of top songs from the latest Bollywood films to melodies from a bygone era.

Hindustani, like many of his contemporaries, comes from a humble background. Trying to make ends meet and look after his mother and family, he worked as a shoe polisher on the roads of his town. As a fan of the music of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a world-renowned exponent of Sufi music, he studied and emulated his singing style by listening to recordings. Encouraged by friends to enter the Indian Idols competition he agreed to so with one aim in mind; to give his mother a better life. When he sang at the audition round, the judges were blown away with his talent and vocal dexterity, remarking that his voice so closely resembled that of his singing idol.

Katdare performed in Cape Town last year. He started his professional singing career in 1991. While he sings the songs of many popular playback singers, he prides himself on being able to sing the songs of the late Kishore Kumar.

Saxena has sung on the soundtrack of many popular Indian TV serials and has received the Rajeev Gandhi Excellence Award and the Golden Voice Award. She has trained classically in vocals and also on the tabla. She has performed extensively with some of the top Indian orchestras at live concerts and worked alongside many Bollywood celebrities.

The concert is being staged by Ebrahim Kaskar of Shalimar Productions. In order to assist the plight of the Palestinians who are severely challenged at this time due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the promoters have decided to donate a portion of proceeds to the Gift of the Givers organisation who are focusing on alleviating the suffering of innocent civilians.

For more information to book tickets, contact 082 456 9051 or 082 906 7868.