Summer Soleil exhibition

Summer Soleil presents a vibrant duo exhibition showcasing a visual excursion into a typical South African summer, featuring the works of emerging artist Lisa-Marie Myburgh and the seasoned talent of Clare Menck, both from the Helderberg.

The exhibition captures the essence of South African summer scenes through an ominous lens, where the sun-drenched landscapes come alive with the echoes of poolside gatherings, outdoor escapades and merriment in a suburban backyard.

In this collaboration, Lisa-Marie’s oil paintings become windows to the soul of a South African summer, where warmth is not just a climate but a spirit woven into the fabric of the people.

Her works, a melodic ode to recently-ended holidays, invite viewers to share in the nostalgia of fresh memories made. Lisa-Marie’s paintings feature the familiar vibracrete walls of the suburban middle class, bricked pool terraces shaded by jagged leaved palms and eerily lingering sunsets.

In parallel, Clare Menck presents a captivating array of oil paintings, mono- and lino prints, alongside her showcased ceramics.

Within these diverse mediums, her seasoned voice resonates, particularly within the evocative water scenes, seamlessly intertwined with the graceful presence of hounds.

This interplay becomes a reflection on the harmony between nature and companionship, adding a unique texture to the sunlit narrative.

Summer Soleil invites you to immerse yourself in the simplicity of warm days, “braai-by-the-pool” culture, and the timeless allure of South African summers, echoing the vigour of a season that lingers in the heart long after the sun has set.

This two-woman show marks not only a celebration of the season, but also Lisa-Marie’s curatorial debut alongside the multifaceted artistry of Clare Menck.

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