Spier holds food garden workshop

Learn ho to grow your own, healthy vegetables.
Learn how to make your own compost.

Head out to Spier for their next Food Garden Workshop, and immerse yourself in the productive garden with Megan McCarthy as your guide, on Saturday December 4, from 9am to 3pm.

Learn how to mimic nature’s way of building soil fertility – it’s easier than you think and so good for your garden.

See exactly how to make and maintain compost heaps; understand carbon and nitrogen ratios, and find out how to brew fascinating micro-organism inoculants.

The garden is next to Eagle Encounters, and participants need to wear comfortable waterproof shoes, a hat and sunblock. For more information, email xeniavdm@spier.co.za

* Self-Harvest Saturdays at Spier

The garden’s delicious and nutrient-rich produce is used in Spier’s restaurants and can be purchased online and from the Spier Farm Café. Visitors are now also able to harvest your own — directly from the garden. For R150, take home a box crammed full of seasonal goodness to nourish you in the week ahead.

Self-Harvest Saturdays run from 9am to 11am every Saturday, and advanced booking is essential, at www.spier.co.za