Share pupils’ fascination with the world

Class 12 at Stellenbosch Waldorf.

On Friday September 16 and Saturday September 17, at 6pm, 19 pupils from Stellenbosch Waldorf School’s Class 12 present their culmination of nine months of research, of a task that has been set before them, described as follows:

“Explore something in the world that you are fascinated with, that you would love to experience, that you are passionate about and then present your outcomes, not only to the school, but to a wider community who are always interested to hear what the future holds in these bright young minds”.

These are known as the Class 12 project presentations, and they are key to the Waldorf education experience throughout Southern Africa. Pupils have explored a wide range of unique topics and avenues, ranging from psychology and the profiling of people, to the art of fencing, photo- graphy, a foray into skydiving, jaz- zing things up on the piano and more.

These presentations exemplify the forward-thinking capacity pupils develop during their Waldorf education, which equips them to be authentically who they are.

The presentations take place in The Shed, adjacent to Stellenbosch Waldorf School, on Santa Road off the Annandale Road.

On the second evening, a launch will be presented by the pupils; a new generation raising questions about education and a view of the future.

For a preview, visit YouTube 2016 SWS Class 12 project presentations.

For more information, call the school at 021 881 3867.