Ronel Bakker solo ceramic exhibition

The artist’s work celebrates the strength of women.

From a raw earthy medium, Ronel nurtures beautiful natural ceramic pieces with a focus on women as her overriding subject.

The similarities between the strength, adaptability and beauty of women and of clay are symbiotic.

Ronel is an artist whose passion and chosen medium is clay. From this raw product she creates beautiful ceramic art that is in keeping with its earthy origins – simple, natural ceramics that are stunning in shape, form and design.

Complementing the naturalness of the ceramics, Ronel uses oxides and liquid gold to decorate and embellish her pieces, rather than synthetically created pigmented glazes and ceramic paints. The theme dominating her ceramics, and which ties in strongly with her focus on keeping her work natural, is women.

It is out of respect and admiration for the many roles that women play in society, for the many faces that women must wear, for their strength and energy, as well as the softness and sensitivity inherent in all women, and for the physical beauty of the female shape, that Ronel has created this beautiful range.

“My work celebrates the strength of women. Women are the backbone that keeps people and families together,” Ronel says.

It was in her mid-30s, after pursuing careers in fashion and interior design, that Ronel discovered her passion for ceramics and her gift for moulding this medium into highly sought after functional ceramic art.

Pouring her heart and soul into each piece, she says she feels most alive while creating in her studio, and loves being able to share the joy and personal experience with her audience.

With a studio situated on a picturesque farm in the shadows of the Klein Winterhoek mountains, Ronel is inspired by her natural surroundings – and gets excited and motivated by the endless possibilities afforded to her through clay, oxides and heat.

RSVP to gloudinekriel@ or SMS 082 496 5043 if you would like to attend the opening night.

Marlize Hobbs, author of Flarde and Score My ’Gwai, will be the guest speaker. She will also be reading from her new anthology of poems, Suitcase Vol Sterre.

The exhibition concludes at the end of August. For details visit