R40 000 Treasure Chest found in Helderberg Basin

Pictured are Jacques van der Heever, founder of Treasure Hunt SA, and Tarryne le Roux, who found the R40 000 Treasure Chest in Somerset West.

Treasure Hunt SA recentlyhad its fourth Treasure Hunt in the Helderberg Basin and Stellenbosch, where participants all over Cape Town joined to find the hidden Treasure Chest.

Tarryne le Roux found the chest after searching for 22 days, and was rewarded with R40 000.

Treasure Hunt SA is a platform created by Jacques and Carol van den Heever to encourage the community to enjoy the outdoors, discover new places and to go on an adventure to find a big cash reward.

By participating our community are also helping our local charities like Helderberg Hospice and Heartlands Baby Sanctuary.

How it works: Register. Solve. Hunt. Win

* Register at treasurehuntsa.co.za, and the cost is R150 per person. You can register either as an individual, family or as a team.

* Solve the 10 clues: The Treasure Hunt will start at a specific time, always on a Sunday at 8am. All 10 clues will then be sent to all participants at the same time by email. Participants then decipher the 10 clues.

3. Go on the hunt: Participants go on the hunt and explore the basin in search of the hidden Treasure Chest.

4. Win the reward of R50 000: The Treasure Hunt ends when the chest is found whether it takes a day, week or month. The finder receives the big cash reward. This coming season will be R50 000.

The first season took eight hours for the chest to be found, the second season took 13 days, the third season took 8 days, and the fourth season took 22 days.

If the chest isn’t found on day one, then additional hints are released every week to make it easier to find. Beside the reward of R50 000 to the finder, additional rewards can be achieved, like the best outdoor photo taken during the hunt receives R1 000 or the best video made during the hunt also receives R1 000.

The whole idea behind Treasure Hunt is to get people outside and enjoy the outdoors, discover new places and promote physical activity.

Jacques says: “Too many of us are trapped inside our homes, especially during the lockdown, and this is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as it’s good mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Treasure Hunt SA is a non-profit as all profits goes towards the next season’s rewards. “We want to grow this so that the reward can be R100 000,“ said Jacques. “We built this platform to help and benefit our community and charities.”

The next hunt will benefit Helderberg Hospice and Heartlands Baby Sanctuary.

The fifth Treasure Hunt starts on February 6 next year, at 8am, and the reward will be R50 000 to the finder. The chest will be again hidden somewhere in the Helderberg Basin and Stellenbosch.

The earlier you register, the sooner you can start on deciphering the clues as the first five clues will be sent to all who register early. The other five clues will be sent on February 6, at 8am.

Check out Treasure Hunt SA’s Facebook page and Instagram at www.facebook.com/treasurehuntsa and @treasurehuntsofficial