Perceptions of Duality … …exhibition

Thirst - the river provides

The exhibition Perceptions of Duality, which is on at Moór Gallery, 4 Bordeaux Street, Franschhoek, portrays a departure from Aidon Westcott’s traditional fish sywmbol (subconscious) to be replaced by the element of water (intuition and emotions) and can be explained as follows:

The fish is contained within the water; while the water is contained within the river system or river bed.

The symbolism is between the dualities of inside and outside and can be interpreted as the subconscious and conscious elements co-existing in the natural environment portrayed within the landscape which itself, represents the whole or the psyche.

Westcott’s work consists of mixed media artworks which are filled with symbolic imagery aimed at awaking forgotten memories out of the subconscious mind of the viewer.

The imagery is built up in layers of antique packaging and selected ephemera through the medium of collage which is combined with hand stitching, thread and oil paint. These documents are collected from antique stores and include leaflets, handbills, tickets, trade cards, programme s, playbills, printed tins, packaging, adverts, posters, postcards, photographs and old newspaper clippings.

The collages act as a metaphorical hour glass, which keeps the past and present simultaneously in a constant state of change while the idea of preservation is upheld.

The narrative lies beyond the object, hidden and tucked away amongst the memory and experience of the viewer’s non-linguistic internal universe.

Westcott’s work explores fragments of a former culture through the use of these found objects, and simultaneously invests new and continually shifting meaning and interpretations for each individual.

The exhibition opens on Saturday November 26, at 11am, and will be on until the end of the year.

For more information, call 021 876 2616 or visit