Marriage for Dummies

Comedic actors, Lisa Bobbert and Aaron McIlroy.

Comedic actors, Lisa Bobbert and Aaron McIlroy, pictured, star in the comedy, Marriage for Dummies, at The Drama Factory, 25 Comprop Sqare, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, for three performances on Friday January 25, at 7.30pm, Saturday January 26, at 7.30pm and Sunday January 27, at 3.30pm. The husband and wife duo brings to life a hilarious survival guide for anyone brave enough to take on life’s ultimate challenge. Structured around the format of a marriage seminar, McIlroy and Bobbert, in the guise of whacky characters, lead the audience through the many trials and tribulations that affect all marriages. Tickets cost R140 and R120.