Glenelly is the third work of #LiquidArt to be revealed on the Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa (PIWOSA) story of #LiquidArt unfolding on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where a series of wine still lifes’ created for each of the 11 PIWOSA members is being revealed:one winery at a time. Says owner May de Lencquesaing: “It has always been my dream to craft the finest Cabernet Sauvignon blend outside of France. At the grand age of 78, I finally discovered Glenelly Estate, in the heart of the iconic Stellenbosch, the ideal place for my vision to become reality. Selected from the highest and coolest vineyard slopes, these grapes confer to Lady May elegance, exceptional depth and ageing potential. This wine is my legacy.” The estate also has May’s remarkable Glass Museum, which houses her valuable and exquisitely beautiful collection of glass pieces from around the world. For more information on the estate, visit glenellyestate.com, and visit www.piwosa.com or email: info@piwosa.com for information on th art.