Lipstick and rouge

Bright Street Gallery presents Lipstick and Rouge: Perceptions of Beauty through Colour at 33 Bright Street, Somerset West, opening on Friday September 1, at 6.30pm. Joining artist and gallery owner Di White are Revalle Beaton, Suzette Breakey, Christine Cloete, Cliff Davies, Karen Hansen, Karen Hough, Joan Jacobs, Mareli Janse van Rensberg, Karen Litson, Hester Meintjies, Elizabeth Pearson, Jenny Pieterse, Hein Reinders, Rina Ritzi, Liesel Roux, Derric van Rensberg and Ann Selbach. The exhibition will also feature ceramics by William Olivier and Johan Swart. Entry is free and drinks and snacks will be served. Call Chris on 073 756 2930 for details.

Pictured is War Horse by William Olivier.