Imibala promotes art

A group of art pupils at one of the art demonstrations at Imibala.

The first International Watermedia Festival, “Colours of the Rainbow Nation”, which has been organised by the International Watercolour Society South Africa (IWSSA), under the auspices of the International Watercolour Society (IWS), commenced on Saturday August 31 and runs until today, Wednesday September 11.

It features a number of workshops and art demonstrations by international watercolourists, an art exhibition, a pop-up store of art supplies, free samples and giveaways, and an art competition.

The Imibala Trust provided the space for five free workshops to high school art students on Friday August 30.

Thirty-nine students from Somerset College, PJ Olivier Art Centre, and private art centres, responded to the invitation to interact with, and learn from, some of the artists who have come for this gathering.They were exposed to the talents of Atanur Dogan (IWS Globe founder/president) and his wife, Asuman Dogan (IWS), Christopher Reid (IWSSA head) and three local IWSSA members.

Imibala expressed its gratitude to IWS for choosing its venue and local schools for this opportunity, the efforts of the featured artists, and the sponsors of art materials used during the event – Fabriano, Dynasty Brushes and Koi Watercolours.