Festival of Lights

■ The Winter Wonderland Festival of Lights will take place from Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1, and Friday July 6 to Sunday July 8, with entertainers, arts and craft, fun fair, a carnival pub and food stalls, restaurant parties and light displays. Six people have volunteered to organise the event, which, for security and to raise funds to buy lights and cover costs, is held in Hendon Park (Carnival Park), and local entrepreneurs and local charities are supported. There is also a “Light up Gordon’s Bay competition” with a R1 000 prize for the “best-dressed” home. Residents are encouraged to decorate homes and businesses with low-energy lights (LED) so the whole village will sparkle.Contact Leon Theron at theboss@winterwonderland.co.za, or Bee Lingg at traders@winterwonderland.co.za, or visit www.winterwonderland.co.za