Eternal feminine celebrated

■ Participating artists of the Lady Garden exhibition at Cavalli Gallery, outside Somerset West, explore the myth of the “eternal feminine”. The exhibition opens on Sunday September 10 and running until December. The natural world is often personified as female, and one with two faces; one, the passive and nurturing mother, the other, wild and uncontrollable. The earth, giver and supporter of life, was symbolised by woman, as was the image of nature as disorder with ‘her’ storms, droughts and other natural disasters. Lady Garden postures itself as the empowerment and celebration of the female capacity within the framework of the natural world. All mediums apply and the selection will include figurative, abstract and conceptual works, as well as sculptural, photographic, performative and video graphic artwork. The exhibition will open on Sunday September 10, from 4pm to 6pm. For more information, contact 021 855 3218 or