Choir festival

■ The Musaic team in Somerset West works in the Macassar area, and tries to reintroduce music to schools. To reach a higher number of pupils at one time they started choirs and marimba bands at Macassar Primary, Firgrove Primary, Marvin Park and Oklahoma. As part of their work with the schools, they will be hosting a choir festival with Loki Rothman and Hiram Koopman, pictured, today, Wednesday August 30, and tomorrow, Thursday August 31, at Curro Sitari, at 7pm. On Wednesday evening Beaumont Primary, Reddam, Macassar Primary and Oklahoma Primary will sing with guest artists, and on Thursday Somerset West Primary, Curro Sitari, Marvin Park and Firgrove will perform. The marimba bands of Macassar Primary, Somerset West Primary and Curro will also perform at these events. Entry is R80. Contact Ronel Viljoen at 074 143 0878 or email for more information.