Book review: Unfortunately Yours

Unfortunately Yours

Tessa Bailey


Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

In this follow-up to Secretly Yours we meet Natalie and August again and put on your seatbelts for more very explicit sexual content.

Natalie and August, the vintner princess and Navy SEAL turned terrible wine-maker, hate each other. At least that’s what they project to each other and the Napa community where they live.

In reality, August has been mooning over his lost chance with loved-at-first-sight Natalie and Natalie is intrigued by August after their steamy failed first fling attempt turned them into “enemies”.

The two cannot avoid each other but they try until their mutual need drives them into a fake marriage. Natalie needs a husband to secure her trust fund and August needs the clout that comes with Natalie’s surname to get a bank loan.

How long can the pair stay in close proximity before their true feelings overwhelm them, while a suspicious and eagle-eyed loan officer watches their every move?

Don’t be put off by this cliche-sounding synopsis. Bailey has a witty ability to take old concepts and make them fun, engaging, swoony, and funny.

Of the few Bailey books I have read so far, and she has many, this one is my new favorite.