Book review: The Billionaire Career

The Billionaire Career

From Employee to Successful Entrepreneur: A Tale of Destiny


Daniel Strauss

Review: Karen Watkins

You don’t have to want to make a billion to read this book. It has other elements than valuable career lessons, including a search for love, building bridges with family and a huge dose of adventure.

The story begins with Dan who is into the fourth day traversing the Hex River Mountains between Worcester and Ceres.

This young man seems to have it all – a sports car, good flat, a degree and a secure job. In fact after five years of hard work he is offered a choice – a fat cheque or a gruelling 10-day hike on the Rim of Africa trail.

This sets him on a path of destiny, an allegory of risk, playing to his strengths as he discovers himself on his endeavours to become successful in business.

Dan yearns for the freedom and control that being his own boss would give. But he has almost no money.

Taking the plunge, he leaves his job, sells everything and buys a bakery only to lose it to big name brands.

Not giving up, he goes on a seminar and makes the acquaintance of successful people, some becoming his mentors.

He also learns the language of successful businesses – long-term planning, profit margins, marketing, networking, focus, flawless goals, having a plan and implementing sustainable systems.

He also takes up a healthier lifestyle. While running a race with his good friend, Barnabas, a chance meeting with a woman sets him on a series of weekend travels to South African hidden gems to find her.

Along the way he learns concepts that help him to make steps to achieve not only his business goals but also to heal old wounds.

The story also reveals that while becoming a successful businessman it is not just about the money. It’s also about building good relationships with those near to you and also about giving back, a concept that is difficult to claim.

Another important concept is that of mentorship.

This book is a thoroughly good read and highly recommended.

Born in Keimoes, near Upington, Strauss is a partner in the investment holding company Stocks & Strauss, which invests in small- and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of growing them into larger businesses at a rapid speed.

Strauss lives in Paarl and is also the author of The Billionaire Mindset.