Book review: The Bedtime Boat

The Bedtime Boat

Sital Gorasia Chapman

and Anastasia Suvorova


Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

Everything about this bedtime book is soothing; the colours, the images, the font, the poetry; which makes it very effective as a bedtime story that incorporates mindfulness techniques.

The simple story is about Chandan and his mum going through the motions of their bedtime routine but after the bubble baths and bedtime stories, Chandan still battles to fall asleep, so his mum, using a toy boat on his tummy, teaches him breathing techniques to help him fall asleep.

At the back of the book there is also instructions on how to fold a paper boat, for parents who want to try the techniques, if the book itself doesn’t send the little ones off to dreamland.

The story was written by Sital Gorasia Chapman who is a trained yoga teacher and who uses mindfulness as part of her own children’s bedtime routine.

My little ones liked the book but being particularly boisterous, it didn’t help to soothe them to sleep but I think this had more to do with my children than the effectiveness of the book.