Art at Muratie

Using various mediums, Ros Koch’s work explores themes of home, identity, and a sense of belonging.
One of Trudy Oosthuizen’s artworks on display.
Rentia Retief is well known for her charcoal drawings of workers’ animals.

A triple solo art exhibition is currently open at Muratie Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, featuring Rentia Retief, Ros Koch and Trudy Oosthuizen.

Ros Koch is a British-born artist who came to South Africa in 1998. Her artwork reflects her diverse interests and passions, as well as her journey in life.

Ros is an immigrant, adventurer and mother of three children, and these experiences inform her work. Using various mediums, her work explores themes of home, identity, and a sense of belonging.

Her style ranges from realism to impressionistic and she enjoys giving her audience the chance to weave their own story into the narrative behind her drawings and paintings.

She studied law both in the UK and South Africa, developing her artistic career in parallel. Since becoming a professional artist, Ros has presented three solo shows, taken part in multiple group shows and her work hangs in both corporate and private collections globally.

She lives, and works, in Stellenbosch with her husband, three children, and other animals.

Trudy Oosthuizen fairly recently started to seriously engage in the magical sphere of ceramics.

She needed to tick off five professions before she eventually succumbed to the luxury and compliancy of clay.

After introductory classes, in order to familiarise herself with basic technique, she decided to go rogue and gave the right brain free reign. This resulted in piles of beautiful intentions which never survived the dreaded kiln god.

She is motivated by earthy, rustic textures and prefers decorative rather than functional. Each item gets born from an inspiration and she works intuitively from a source of wonderment and sensual delight.

Rentia Retief received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Stellenbosch in 2014, and an Honours in Illustration in 2016. She received the George Paul Canitz Fine Art prize in 2014, and held her first solo exhibition at Muratie Wine Estate titled Sondebok after residing on the estate as the artist in residence in 2016.

Her latest solo exhibition was in 2022 at Kanonkop Wine Estate, titled Reflection.

Rentia spends a great deal of time in the surrounding nature and mountains. This closeness to the sense of greatness found in the outdoors plays a significant role in her art. In her recent works the main inspiration is the solitude and serene silence she feels when alone in nature. Her work acts as a reflection of these moments.

Rentia strives to communicate the inner feeling that the natural world of silence awakens within her, a world independent from setting and space. Her works invites you to connect to the inner world of your own subconscious primal self. A return home to your true home, your origin with the silence of nature.

Visit for more information. The exhibition concludes on Friday June 24.