A river runs through it

Jeonju hanbok village

An exhibition by Rachelle Hugo, curated by Liebrecht Gallery in Somerset West, will be presented at Huis Paleis, on the R44 at the Buena Vista turn-off.

After graduating with a fine arts degree, Rachelle, a 25-year-old South African, spent a year in Busan, South Korea. She startedher travelogue on small pieces of canvas.

Back in her home country the president is being accused of corruption and political pressure for his removal is gaining momentum. In South Korea, allegations of corruption (amongst other things) generate huge public protests.

Eventually, on March 10, Park Geun-hye becomes the country’s first democratically-elected leader to be forced from office, after judges unanimously uphold parliament’s decision to impeach her over the corruption scandal.

The impeachment verdict strips her of presidential immunity and she could now face criminal charges. After a wonderful time in a country with 51 million people in East Asia, Rachelle returns to a country with 51 million people (according to its latest census) at the southernmost tip of the African continent.

She reflects on where she has been and where she might be heading, and starts putting the finishing touches to her travelogue.

The 510km long Nakdong River, with its source in the Taeback Mountains, is South Korea’s longest river and also runs through Busan, the country’s second most- populous city after Seoul and its largest port city, at the southeastern-most tip of the Korean peninsula.

The river’s flow feeds her stream of consciousness in her seaside hometown of the Strand. It is situated 50km from Cape Town, the country’s second most- populous city after Johannesburg and second largest port city after Durban. With Table Mountain watching over it. And she realises: there is something familiar in the exotic, and something exotic in the familiar.

Rachelle graduated with a BA Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University in 2014 and was a winner of a Keith Dietrich Award. A River Runs Through it is her third exhibition. In anticipation of the opening on Friday evening, the 1992 movie A River Runs Through it, directed by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt, will be screened in the Liebrecht Gallery on Wednesday October 25, at 7pm. Tickets are available at the Leibrecht Gallery.

For more information contact Avril Gardiner at the Liebrecht Gallery, on 021 852 8030 or 082 682 5710.