A day with the angels at Spier

Michelle Vooght

On Saturday November 4, four of South Africa’s top spiritual teachers will gather at the Spier Conference Centre in Stellenbosch, for the first full-day Angel Summit SA 2017, to share their knowledge of how to live a fulfilled life.

Some of the topics that Michelle Vooght, Natalia Baker, Riaan Swiegelaar and Belinda Bras-Nel will concentrate on during the summit include channelled messages from the archangels, how to deal with the loss of a loved one, what happens in the afterlife and how we can work with the shadow sides of ourselves.

On the practical side, guests will experience guided meditations, mediumship demonstrations and receive some practical guidance on abundance and love. The speakers will also facilitate a Q&A session at the event to answer audience questions.

According to Michelle Vooght, one of the teachers, who is clairsentient, able to feel and pick up on concealed emotion; clairaudient, able to hear sounds or words from the spirit world; and clairvoyant, able to see people and angels in the spirit world, connecting with our spirit in our day-to-day lives can change the way we look at life and experience it.

“Connecting with our spirit is a way to connect to our own wisdom and guidance system that is meant to guide us through this life. By having public events of this nature, we empower and show others how to do the same.

“Applying spiritual principles in our day to day lives does not have to be complex or hard to understand. It is practical and simple and can have a huge impact in how we experience situations,” she says.

Part of the proceeds from the tickets sales for the Angel Summit SA will be donated to Royal Family Kids Camps, an NGO focused on abused and at-risk children and youth.

“If we heal kids we heal our future and this is particularly true for abused kids or those who are from alcohol-dependent families. If we can show them the difference that love can make in their lives by exposing them to initiatives like the Royal Family Kids Camps, we create a ripple effect that will impact on their future.

“It’s the reason we decided to support Royal Family Kids Camps through this summit,” adds Ms Vooght.

Call 076 576 1664 for details.